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Spend more money on
Marketing & Sales instead of App Development!

No need to pay High Salaries + Perks + Security!

Additionally, Reduce your office overheads! Save your infrastructure cost!

Get a combo of
[Mobile App Developer + UI/UX Designer + A Team Leader]
@ US$1399 per month!

(You'll get a qualified dedicated developer with experience of at least 2 years!)

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Salient Features

The internet has connected the world seamlessly and we're taking advantage to provide you our remote mobile app developers!

What do you get?

  • Full time Dedicated Developer
  • Technical Lead

    Free technical support will be provided to the mobile app developer whenever required. He will also take care of productivity and quality!

  • UI / UX Designer
  • Client Account Manager

    We firmly understand communication is the key for any project! Thus, we keep single point for all types of communication & grievances to ensure smooth operations.

Get desired result by hiring our expert Mobile App Developer to grow faster!


Don't take our word for it...

  • Wole Akingdbade

    They have been working on my apps and projects from last more than 4 years! Its just a perfect team! Harshul & his team works so closely with me and my team that I have never face the issue that can not be resolved! We have delivered some of the best projects to well known brands with the help of their tech expertise!

  • Yoana Petit

    I am extremely happy for having Hire Mobile Developer Team to build our platform that is beyond just a normal mobile app for iPhone and Android. The technology used and the quality delivered is so good that has add great value for our IP and that is greatly appreciated by VCs. Our patent pending idea is very well executed by Harshul who helped us to select the right technology, tools and approach to get in to the market faster!

  • Carlos Mascarenhas

    I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation of your services, patience and eventual expertise in putting together a super website - I am truly proud of it and the feed back from relatives, friends and previous guests is totally upbeat.

Queries / Concerns / Questions?

Our exclusive focus on mobility makes us most suitable for your app development work!

  • 01 Is there a catch?

    Nope, No funny business.

    We are an established, award winning, registered app development company with development center in India and Office in Singapore.

  • 02 What am I getting?

    You are not hiring just a one dedicated developer!
    We ensure you get the desired result so you get the whole team! Everything for just US$1399 monthly. No other expanse/overheads!

  • 03 How come your rates are so low?

    Simple, we are passing you the advantage of our geographical location! India is one of the most preferred software and app development country in the world. The cost of living is lower than other developed country and that is giving us an edge to offer you qualified, experienced resources at a lower price!

  • 04 Who will be responsible for the quality?

    By quality we mean to add a value in our client's business! To build the app that is envisioned by our clients. We are completely responsible to bring the best quality you are looking for!

  • 05 Why are you so confident about delivering the quality work?

    We understand a clear difference of saying and delivering!

    The confidence of our quality has not built over night but it has been built over a period of time where we have invested numerous hours of work to bring the best processes in place.

    We work on Agile development methodology along with TDD (Test Driven Development). This ensures that our developers don't just jump on anything without building the user stories and test cases. Anything that is developed will surely go for peer review every week! This further strengthens the code we build.
    Let our work to speak rather we speak everything here! :)

  • 06 What's the qualification of your resources?
  • 07 How can I track the progress of the work?
  • 08 Why us? Why should you give us your Project/App/Idea?
  • 09 Who owns the IP & Source code? Is my idea protected?

    YOU! Simple and strait forward!
    We sign NDA and ensure your idea and IP remains Forever with you only! with you only!

    We also sign non-competing agreement with patent pending Companies to ensure we will not work with other competitors whenever It is required

    Our contracts are very clear. You will get the full source code of the work done by our developer. We do not hold any rights for anything we work for you.

    So, your idea is always protected while working with us!

  • 10 How reliable are you?
  • 11 How far are you if I need to chase you?
  • 12 What if you can not deliver my work?

Our Business Model


  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Project Specific
  • Individual Start ups Looking for End to End Solution development Non tech companies
  • Yes, Absolutely
  • No Contract, Just Project Basis
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Cost - Project Basis
  • 30 to 50% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Tech Companies Software Consultants Companies with PM Capabilities
  • Yes, Why not?
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Small Tech Companies Temporary Work Requirements
  • Sorry! Not Available!
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured

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