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We build awesome Mobile Apps, IOT & Wearable Apps!

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About Us

"We are ASTUTE, AGILE, ENERGETIC, YOUNG Highly Qualified Experienced Mobile Development Company!"

We are equipped with full spectrum of mobile app development and
we build awesome, user friendly, intuitive to use mobile apps
for our clients across the globe!

Our clientele includes individuals, small to large organizations and some of the fortune 500 companies and brands! Our client's vision leans us to take their app to the reality and we work closely with our clients to achieve a common goal of building an app that can bring fortune to everyone!

We firmly believe that SUCCESSFUL mobile app is much more than developing a nice app! We add great value while developing apps for our clients by adding the extraordinary flavour of our expertise, experience, knowledge of latest up coming trends, best UX practices and implementing the best development strategies to ensure the scalability and agility both exists in the apps we develop!

Meet The Team You Will Work With!

Tech Geek!
Founder & CEO

Strategic, Commanding &
Full of Energy!
Client Account Manager

Nothing stops him to stretch
for better results!
Project Manager

Ensures to keep clients happy!
Project Coordinator

Why should you choose us?

  1. Success begins walking extra miles than working on defined limits!

    We make sure that we are not delivering the "me too" experience any time during the complete development cycle!

    Our team is highly energetic and expert in their area of work that adds great value of walking extra mile for any challenges you may throw them or arises by the market for you!

    While working with us, you are sure that you can deal with any adversity because you got the right team to walk with you and deal with any technical challenge!

  2. How about hiring a carpenter for your laundry?

    Why to hire ANY software development company?

    We are focused on MOBILE! We know the latest tricks, future trends, best practices, design UX aspects, scalability, apple app policies, google play store secrets and many more which obviously difficult for any other software development company that rely on MANY things to run their business!

    Your idea is unique and you need an expert focused MOBILE development company - Isn't it?

  3. We follow industry best practices and standards while developing any application right from the beginning with the use of SCRUM practices.

    Our development team uses Kanban board effectively along with Trello to keep our clients posted with the progress of the work.

    We implement the best practices published by Apple while developing iPhone apps and following Google Android Best Practices while developing Android apps.

    Our quality standards and checks ensures the delivery of a confident product to you at any time with the help of Unit Testing, Black box and thorough White box testing along with smock testing.

    We understand that things takes just few hours or weeks to click now a days hence we build apps by considering scalability as one of the basic requirements in every app we build!

  4. We build lasting relation rather just an app for you!

    We provide 60 days post deployment warranty to all our clients!

    We understand that things can not be right every time and we know how important it is to tackle it when the app is live and people are using it so we provide 60 days post deployment warranty with an assurance that anything happens in the app - any bug or any issue then we take care of it immediately without any extra cost.

  1. Feature rich app doesn't appeal to masses!

    When there are millions of apps already in the market place then it is a BIG challenge of featuring your app on top!

    We build smart apps! By smart we mean to build the apps that appeal to mass! The apps that can appeal to your customer when they use the app. The app that doesn't stops on slow internet or behave adversely when user taps on any button! We build the apps that doesn't require long learning curve for users with intuitive designs.

  2. We are not here to be rich! We are here to be the most assured development partner for you.

    You will never find our quote irrational and unaffordable - Guaranteed.

    In fact, if you are an individual or a start up then we give strait away 50% discount on total development cost - No stocks and no other condition or no gimmick - Simple!

  3. We know how important the communication is for the success of any app!

    Thus, we provide a dedicated client account manager to each of our clients rather than letting our clients to deal with technical team who merely understands the business dimensions.

    Our Client Account Managers are well versed with technology and are extremely good in English written and verbal communication.

    This ensures that we understand your vision and motive very well through out the development cycle.

    Still looking for more reasons? Don't worry - You will find them while you will work with us.

    Just post your requirements and let us help you to find even more reasons why you should choose us!

  4. Knowing is not just enough if it is not applied properly! We ensure that our implementation is at its best.

    Our experience of developing small to large scale mobile apps ensures the right implementation of different techniques based on your requirements.

    We understand that every game has different rules so, we apply different strategies for different apps we develop instead of following the same processes for every app! Building a B2B app has different rule than B2C apps and we ensure to take care of even such simple things very well through out the development cycle.

Our Business Model


  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Project Specific
  • Individual Start ups Looking for End to End Solution development Non tech companies
  • Yes, Absolutely
  • No Contract, Just Project Basis
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Cost - Project Basis
  • 30 to 50% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Tech Companies Software Consultants Companies with PM Capabilities
  • Yes, Why not?
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Small Tech Companies Temporary Work Requirements
  • Sorry! Not Available!
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured

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