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  We have worked with Startups, Individuals, Corporates and some of the Fortune 500 Companies including Samsung, MTN Telecom, KFC, Audi and More!
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Things you may be interested to know!

  1. The process behind a successful mobile app may seems mysterious or intimidating, especially if it's your first time. No project works out exactly the same way, but we have a working process that has proven to be pretty solid so far with small to large apps

    You may like to refer our working process to get better idea of how your mobile app might grow from the planning stage through to completion and launch. it's good idea to get an overview of the process before you start, that way everyone knows what to expect and all goes smoothly

  2. It's a reasonable question that's often the first thing you need to know. But all mobile apps are not created alike - in order to give you an accurate price, we need to know few things too.

    If you have a project or product idea (in fact a lot of ideas!) then please fill in the contact from given on this pages.

    We understand client requirements thoroughly and provide the best quote for a QUALITY solutions

  3. We prefer voice over normal chat as we are highly passionate to discuss thing in detail to understand your thoughts at our best. Once we start talking about your project, We are always available via Phone, Skype, Email, Whatsapp or Viber!

    All our app development projects are managed on Trello by our certified project manager. You will always have a direct access of Trello board so you are always up to date with the progress!

  1. Absolutely! We sign NDA and ensure your idea and IP remains Forever with you only!

    Our business is designing & developing apps! We do NOT go In the market to launch our own apps because we know we are Best in development. Period!

    We also sign non-competing agreement with patent pending Companies to ensure we will not work with other competitors whenever It is required

  2. YOU! Simple and strait forward!

    We deliver the complete source code to our clients on Receipt of the final payment so you are in a complete Control when you are dealing with us

  3. Our payment terms are simple.

    We divide payment in 4 equal parts for all large scale projects.

    25% upfront for project confirmation
    25% on 1st pre-determined milestone
    25% on 2nd pre-determined milestone
    25% on completion of project

    So, you are paying us only when you see the work done! If no work done then no payment! You are safe & secure!

  4. Don't worry! We will never let this happen! However if still it occurs then you will get the full support about how to reach to your destination with whatever work has been done. You will not need to pay for anything balance!

Our Business Model


  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Project Specific
  • Individual Start ups Looking for End to End Solution development Non tech companies
  • Yes, Absolutely
  • No Contract, Just Project Basis
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Cost - Project Basis
  • 30 to 50% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Tech Companies Software Consultants Companies with PM Capabilities
  • Yes, Why not?
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured
  • Phone / Skype / WhatsApp / Email
  • Monthly
  • Small Tech Companies Temporary Work Requirements
  • Sorry! Not Available!
  • No long term contract. Just Monthly Renewal
  • 100% Yours
  • Fixed Monthly
  • 40 to 70% Assured

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