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Advantages and Disadvantage of Phonegap App Development

2 By: Purvi Talati

When it comes to developing an app it’s always a debatable topic as which platform should we opt for developing the app

As we know that native apps are awesome. We can do wonders with it, as it enables the app to use all the functionally that a smartphone has to offer. But what if you want to cover all the major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows at the same time, what’s the way out?

Will you go for individual development in all the technologies?

That may not be the best approach. Developing app for each platform in native technology brings the challenge of maintenance and updates of the app on each of these platforms.

Here comes in scenario the ‘Hybrid Applications’

Hybrid App works on the concept of “build once run on all”. The app is developed with common and known programming languages based on hybrid platform that helps to compile the app for different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Amazon Kindle, Mozilla Mobile OS and many more.

Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova. This allows you to use any web-native framework you want, and there are plenty of these. The application development is faster, simpler, more rapid and the application is easier to maintain.

Adobe PhoneGap is one such cross platform mobile app development tools for making hybrid application and is making the rounds globally in terms of both popularity and critical acclaim. But is it necessarily the right choice for you as a business owner or a developer?

Before falling for it let’s have a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages based on “Hire Mobile Developer” team’s extensive experience of developing apps on Phonegap platform.

Advantages of PhoneGap App Development

  • Open Source Nature
  • Compatible and uniform on all the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 7, mobile web, blackberry)
  • Rapid testing and deployment
  • Distribution and integrated payment on App Store or Android Market.
  • Create hybrid apps which results in saving time and efforts of development
  • The businesses gain as the app is prepared and ready to hit the market in minimalistic time
  • No specialized native additional development skills required
  • Tapping into the device’s hardware such as the camera, geo-location, accelerometer and few others are already available and working fine
  • If your app is an extension of your enterprise software then hybrid apps are a good way to go instead of native
  • If you are looking for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to figure out the market reactions
  • If your app doesn’t need heavy usage of native OS features (Which majority of the mobile apps doesn’t really need)

Disadvantages of PhoneGap App

  • Performance is still sometimes causing an issue with Phonegap apps If your app requires lot of animation or you design the app with view animations
  • Lack of pre-built UI widgets, transitions, standard controls, etc. unlike the other hybrid platforms like
  • Doesn’t support all native OS based functionality
  • Sometimes becomes inefficient while working with native apps.
  • Achieving a native look & feel depends on 3rd party frameworks which may vary in quality
  • Affects app performance if you are not conscious about app design (in terms of UI and development approach both)
  • Being open source, it has huge community however lack of professional support hinders sometimes for complex issues to resolve in time during development

Hire Mobile Developer has expert team of Hybrid App Developers and we help our clients beyond just app development. We help our clients to take strategic decision about opting the right platform, designing an awesome user experience, building an app that can help them to go confidently in the market and helping them to maintain the app so that they can capture the market confidently!

We just checked the remarkable some of its merits and demerits.

The entrepreneurs can evaluate the pros and cons based on the business needs, and project cost and then take a judicious call.

So, should you need a mobile app for your business or next million dollar idea? Hire Mobile Developer team will convert your idea in to reality. Get in touch to hire a mobile app developer services!

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