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How? – Concept/Idea to an App Release?

0 Comments By: Harshul Shah

A very general question we come across from our clients regularly is

How will you build my app?

Here is how it goes from an aerial view,

The Background

Ever feel like you’re struggling to remember everything?

You forgot your important points to discuss in the meeting with someone, fail to reach appointments on time, or forget your daily important tasks. In this scenario, you need to keep notes of everything. You're not the only one.

Once you get into this habit of jotting down notes, you will find that it is well worth the effort. Even your goals will appear stronger when you put Ink to Paper.

There are plenty of ways to take notes. You could carry a notebook and pen in your pocket, or scribble thoughts on a napkin at lunch

Or, better yet, you could use a quickly note taking app, so you always have a way to store your thoughts - even if there's not a pen and paper nearby.

Productivity Apps

There is numerous note taking productivity apps already available in the market but we know there is still the best to come!

When our client approached us to have something in line with the note taking app, we first built the background of thoughts like above!

And then started brainstorming with the client team to build an app that can significantly distinguish from other apps already exists in the stores!

We ended up with an extensive feature list and the client team was extremely happy!

They found us on the same page they are and the same synergy! This is the most important factor when you work with someone for your app - Inhouse / Outsource / Offshore or whatever way you go!

They were not expecting an outsourcing firm sitting in India can really work like this for their app. They confirmed the app development and the relationship begun!

App Designing

UI is not just UI anymore!

What if you have the best UI but dumb UX or vice versa?

Our first point in the above list was “Has to be Simple” = No Jazzy UI + Easy UX

And what we came up for our client was the design with a mindful user experience that doesn't require a learning curve for any user of any age group to start using the app!


User Interaction

We touch upon every aspect of user interaction like how he will type a note or record a note. What if he wants to add a tag!

Let me take two examples of user interactions,

1) Example 1: @mentions in Twitter

I have been a twitter fan since years but it is also a fact, whenever I post any tweet from my iPhone, I have to switch my keypad to get the @ symbol while mentioning someone! It is cumbersome! So, we don't want our users to feel the same frustration. We put a bar to select anything directly on the top of a keypad. We want our users to type with an ease!

2) Example 2: Recording than Typing

I keep getting thoughts when I am driving my car! So, Why don't we give a record feature from the same bar to allow a user to record his notes rather than typing! Isn't it great?

We believe UX is not just reducing user taps or combining few steps into one. Our UX team works on real world use cases and build the UX that can address every day challenge faced by app users while using the app.

App Development

There are enough things published for Best Practices, Agile, SDLC and many more things!

What we follow is a standard but more practice to gel with the idea of Launch Fast, Learn Hard and Grow Faster for our clients!

We build sprint of 2 to 3 weeks and try to make each sprint independent of the earlier one so that client team can start testing the app in parallel to our development rather than waiting for few months to get something in their hand.

So, what we built is MVPMinimum Viable Product in just 9 Weeks! Although it's MVP, it is loaded with features that can help our client team to get on to the stores and start taking feedback from real users!

MVP Version Feature List

1) Create a note

3) Search / Retrieve Effectively - By Person, Task, Project, Link!4) Set Reminder - Don't be limited to just taking notes!

4) Set Reminder - Don't be limited to just taking notes!

5) Create Task List and Start Tracking It!

App Release - The Final Step? No, It's the beginning!

App release is not just pushing the app to app stores and completing the project to get the payment!

We first release it in either alpha or beta mode and start learning from the client and private users feedback. Helps our client team to get better insights with our experienced-based methodology of identifying the good and bad signals.

All our apps include basic BI (Business Intelligence) algorithm to learn from user's behavior while he is using the app. Such wealthy data is used for refining the road map that we have created during the development phase.

You can give a try on your android phone with our current beta release of the app from below URL,

Quickly Note Taking App on Android Play Store

How about taking your idea to the real world?

You heard right! What it takes to launch your idea to the app store?

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