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Write once, run everywhere with React Native

0 Comments By: Harshul Shah

Development of Mobile applications is growing exponentially every year since every business needs an app either for their customers or for their own business operations to manage it efficiently.

The advantage of having a mobile app is well known. So, as the most common challenge of developing a mobile app for both iOS and Android platform is also well known. The challenge of maintaining 2 different code bases for respective platforms is a difficult job for every company owing a mobile app!

This is where React Native plays an important role to bring the power of “Write Once, Run Everywhere

What is React Native?

  • React native is an open source Javascript framework. It is developed by Facebook and many developers across the globe have contributed to make it today's best platform.
  • React native brings the power of Javascript to build native apps to compose rich Mobile UI using declarative components.
  • React native uses the same fundamental UI blocks as regular iOS and Android apps so it is not a mobile web app that just runs on webviews! Rather the app developed with React native is a real mobile app!
  • Hot reloading brings the power of saving time and building apps faster than ever. Developers don’t need to recompile every time the code when they make changes!
  • At times, our react native development team combines the native iOS and Android code with React native code. React native brings the power of smooth integration with components written in Swift, Objective-C, Java or Kotline. So, it’s easy to develop part of the code in React Native and Part of the app in native code directly if required.

Who’s using React Native?

What can be accomplished with React Native is beyond the scope of this blog post. Just as a glimpse, following apps built with React Native!

Write once, run everywhere with React Native

The full list and more is available on React Native Showcase.

Why you should consider React Native?

We have been using React Native from last 2 years on various mobile app development projects for our clients.

There are various use cases where we have helped our clients to reduce their development cost and maintenance cost significantly with the selection of React native for their mobile app.

Here are the specific cases that can give you a better idea for considering React Native.

If you need a mobile app that is,

  • Traditional look like a native app with 15 to 20 views
  • Doesn’t need a hardware acceleration or interaction
  • Requires short development cycle
  • A budget app
  • An existing app that is built in native iOS or Android and looking to enhance it - We combine it with React native to reduce your cost!

Our expert Hire React Native Developer can take your project to make it successful so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.