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Retailers Mobile App Case Study: WallMart, Kohl’s And Amazon, How they reached to millions of downloads!

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Retail customers shop at dozens of stores but have only downloaded a handful of apps. Customers prefer to keep Facebook, Google Maps and other gaming apps rather than keeping retail store apps on their phone. They prefer to visit retailer websites when they want to shop.

Hire Mobile Developer looked at some of the well known retailer’s apps and identified the important aspects that helped them to achieve that very few retailers have accomplished. It is to convince millions of people to use their mobile app!

Having your mobile app installed on your customer’s phone has distinct advantages which no one can deny! If your customer is visiting your website and doesn’t have your mobile app installed on their phone then you are on a loosing end. Mobile apps build a direct bridge to communicate with your customers. It helps you to understand their buying patter much better and you can serve them per their need instead of treating every customer with the same offer, discount or coupon!

Hire Mobile Developer” Team provides some of the interesting and proven strategies for retailers’ mobile apps to our customers that help them to gain better download of their mobile apps. Here are some of the apps and reasons why they are so successful that can help you for your next mobile app!

1) WalMart Strategy

Offering “best price” guarantee to customers certainly is not a new thing. In fact, it is a part of their business model since Walmart opened.

Walmart already had mobile app for iPhone and Android devices but they came out with a “Savings Catcher Program” that proved to be a gamer changer for Wallmart.

Usually the programs like lowest price guranteed requires customer to bring the receipt in to stores – generally in 7 days or so.

Wallmart figure out that they want their customers to give an edge by just giving a utility to scan their receipt from their comfort area at any time in the mobile app.

After the introduction of this feature, wallmart’s mobile app download exponentially increased with 22 millions users as of June’15.

Hire Mobile Developer Tips: It is extremely important to know what our customers like and integrate it with the mobile app. It may not be a direct selling point. The long term objective of knowing your customer’s habits will give you a sustainable business model for your store.

2) Kohl’s

Kohl’s first version of mobile app was focusing on solely shopping and failed to gain customer’s attention and downloads.

Kohl’s redesigned their app last year and identified important aspects that attract customers to download their mobile app.

They effectively implemented Coupons in their app.

The new version also includes Wallet that stores all three types – (A) Kohl’s Cash (Rewards earned per purchase) (B) Offers like Back to school, other sale times etc. (C) Loyalty points based on customer’s action like sharing on Pinterest

And of course, the use of Push Notifications to give the latest personalized alerts to the customers.

Hire Mobile Developer Tips:Building a mobile app with a focal point of increasing your sale will never help. Customers never like that someone push them to buy! What is most important is integrating the indirect ways of selling in the mobile app. Such indirect ways helps to gain customer’s support in a long run tremendously.

3) Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is the most downloaded retailers’ app from the app store with whooping 45 million users as of June’15!

Hire Mobile Developer” tried to figure out what has attracted so many customers apart from Amazon brand and business model. Of course, as a user you can always visit Amazon website when you wish to buy anything so what are the factors that lead Amazon to be the #1 M-commerce app with highest downloads? So, here are some of the factors,

  • Being first in the market is always an edge over your competitors! Amazon was one of those early companies that identified the Mcommerce as next big thing and introduced mobile app way early than its competitors.
  • Consistent design across mobile app and website! – No learning curve for your customers – People like simple stuff!
  • One Shopping basket across all platforms – You add an item on the website and you will have that item in your mobile app as well! Extremely convenient wherever you are while buying anything!
  • Barcode Scanner – Amazon’s mobile app have barcode scanner that allows users to immediately find the product details and cost – assuming Amazon stocks it!
  • Apps on all Platforms – Amazon has not limited its reach to iPhone and Android but has apps for Windows Phone and Blackberry!

Hire Mobile Developer Tips: Do not settle with just one thing like mobile website or app. You never know which will click! Building an app that can give extra advantage like Barcode scanner, uniform design and a single basket across all platforms for your customer can lead them to stick to your app and attracts more downloads for sure.

This is a quick review of some of the popular apps. I’ll be very happy to know your thoughts, take home or if you wish me to add few more products then feel free to comment.

We at “Hire Mobile Developer” has developed a unique DNA of analyzing our customer’s need so well that we help them to build some of the best mobile apps to match with their vision. If you are in search of a talented team of mobile apps developer then feel free to get in touch with us or post your requirements to get a free mobile app quote. We will be happy to hear your shout!