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How to increase mobile app downloads?

1 Comments By: Purvi Talati

You have developed a mobile app and now, you’re proud of your design. The app works on every device you tested and there seems to be no competition in your niche. You have published your app and share it on your social media and now, you feel you’re onto a winner!

Next day you’re eager to check out how many people have downloaded your app and see only “few downloads" and not a single review. Hm… something must be wrong!

You wish to make it viral and get it noticed by many customers among millions of other apps, how to do the best of marketing for it that is mobile app marketing which will impact your business.

Here are a few tricks we’ve learned that will help your download numbers. So, let’s see what it needs to go viral.

1. Create an Enticing App Icon

App icon is the first thing which user see in the app store, so it should pop out as eye-catching and recognizable.

hHow to increase android app downloads?

2. Great Translated Descriptions

  • You want to create a Goldilocks description for your app to put it up the market place means not too long or too short. Keep it balanced.
  • Your description should cover certain keywords you’re targeting with your app.
    e.g. you have a restaurant app named “NearbyOfferz”. Use the word ‘offers’ 3-6 times in your app description, (while keeping it relevant) and also use the words ‘nearby’ and ‘restaurant’ a few times.
  • Don’t forget to mention about any permission your app is requesting during installation in the description. The user will see them anyway so it’s better to be honest from the start.
  • List all your app’s features in the description.
  • Your description should be localized in most common languages as per your published country like English, Spanish, French etc.

3. Using Professional real-life screenshots and Eye-Catching Videos

  • Photos and videos are one of the most important aspects of your app description.
  • Your app’s screenshots should be as crisp, clean and professional as possible.
  • The point of the screenshot is for the user to see the app in action.
  • Each screenshot should contain a different instance of the app.
Professional Mobile App Screenshots & Videos
  • Here are a few ways you can use photos to make users more interested:
    •    Show what your app actually looks like for users - not splash screens.
    •    Include explanations, captions, and arrows that show users what they can do inside your app.
    •    Put extra emphasis on the most popular and needed features of your app.
    •    Convince users that your app has a better design than that of your competitors.
  • If you are going to invest in a video, make sure it has subtitles for the local language. You can hire a professional agency or find mobile specific video editors like the creators at Apptamin.
  • A good combination of these two is crucial to encouraging users to click that download button.

4.   Ask for Reviews

  • If you can draw positive reviews of your app from users, exponentially your downloads increase.
  • Organic reviews from real people are far more valuable to your app.
  • You might be tempted to purchase fake reviews just to increase the amount of attention your app is receiving as a whole. But if the app store finds out you used this tactic, you may have your app suspended entirely.
  • Mention the fact that you’re looking for feedback in your press releases.
  • You can also offer incentives to users who leave you reviews. This is a great method to increase the amount of users who actually choose to do so.
  • Coupon codes, tangible prizes or redeemable points to be used within the app can all be great encouragement for people to leave you positive reviews

5.  Get the word out

  • Just write your press release and send if out.
  • There are some services which can handle press release distribution for you such as PRWeb or MarketWired.
  • There are even mobile specific agencies such as AppShout which can help you contact a massive number of blogs and publications.
  • Even if you use these services, I would advise you to personally contact medium-sized blogs for reviews. That will mean more traffic.
  • Once you get a decent-sized publication to write about you, contact every other smaller blog, referring to the first article on the medium-sized blog. They’ll be more than happy to write about you. Give a personal, unique story to each.
  • Don’t just repeat your press release. Nobody likes double content as well Google also doesn’t.

6.  Freebies

  • There are few apps which can help promote your discounted app, similar to the way daily deal sites work.
  • AppGratis and AppTurbo are from them

7.   CPI Burst Campaigns

  • Most of the traffic from searches on both Google Play and the App Store will go only as far as the 50th app in the list. Naturally, developers strive to make their app reach the highest spot. One tactic is by making use of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign via different advertisers.
  • You’ll pay a certain amount of money for each install. The idea is not to make a positive return on your money, but to propel yourself in the list of Top 50 apps in your niche. If you reach that spot, the effects will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.
  • There are tons of ad networks offering CPI Campaigns. You could look into Tapjoy, Leadbolt or even specialized app discovery services such as MagicSolver who are offering this service.

8. Keep your eyes on the user

  • It’s not all about the number of downloads you get. It’s also important to know how, when, where, and by whom your app is used.
  • Analytics are very important to determining what your users want the most out of your app, and how you can deliver that. They’re also the key to generating continuous downloads. A good app analytics should offer multi-app options, give you the ability to compare between them, let you see the user’s behaviors, from download until app deletion. You’ll also want to set up key trigger points inside the app in order to run A/B testing.
  • Here are some tools to choose from:
    a.    Flurry Analytics. Flurry boasts some big clients, from EA to Yahoo! to Groupon. Flurry recently celebrated 5 years of their Analytics service.
    b.    Google’s Universal Analytics. The most used analytics on the planet, Google’s Analytics just received a major update, and now offers mobile support.
    c.    Countly. Countly offers real-time analytics for your app. They offer great support, and even run an old-fashioned IRC channel: #countly on
    d.    Localytics. Localytics offers 3 pricing plans, one is free.
    e.    There are a lot of other resources out there for analytics for your app like.
    •    Amplitude
    •    Apple App Analytics
    •    Mixpanel
    •    Apsalar
    •    Appsee
    Any of these are great options to know how your app is used and what you can do to improve the user experience.

9. Push Regular Updates on App Store by Versioning

  • Keep your mobile app updated and push the changes & new features regularly on the App Store. So that your app remains live and application users who already have become Inactive, receives an update about app.
  • Also, it helps to remain on top of the store charts of new updated apps.There are many ways to increase the number of your mobile app downloads. Keeping in mind the target audience with their preferences and making use of the latest marketing strategies, you must design promotion and marketing campaign to boost the number of app downloads of your mobile app.

Some of the tips above are pretty hard to implement, so you need to have talented, dedicated people around you.

And this is where HireMObileDeveloper can help you take leverage of all above techniques to effectively increase downloads of your mobile app.