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Why we use Vue.js more than Angular and React?

0 Comments By: Harshul Shah

Product development is a fun when the right technology mixed with your idea. I help many of our clients to choose the right set of technologies while developing their product that can help them to progress faster and scale very well in future as their product grows.

In order to give the best advice to my clients, I set my team to be upgraded with all the latest technologies and use our years of experience before proposing the right options.

While Javascript is the great programming language, the current era of front-end frameworks has made it even more worthy than ever! The era where web and mobile both play a critical role in the success of the product. Every client wants to have their products on the latest technology with good performance and scalability. So, we use various frontend frameworks like Angular, React and now Vue.js in a majority of our web and hybrid app development.

This article is not for a typical comparison but it is for the real experience sharing of why we use Vue.js over Angular and React in our projects.
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Angular was found in 2009, React was in 2013 and Vue was in 2016
Our adoption was also in the same sequence for various projects and mobile apps.

Angular Adoption Phase

When we adopt Angular, we found 2 biggest hurdles,

  • TypeScript Learning Curve
    Our team first forced to learn TypeScipt with thorough syntax. Of course, Typescript is a great language and you really get a clear distinguish view of UI and Code Behind however someone comes from a typical web background requires some time to get on such clear separation of HTML and Javascript.
    As especially when you have the majority of your development team working on PHP then Angular adoption is tricky in the initial stage. Developer needs to understand the idea of code behind and code separation clearly.
  • Flexibility
    If you have an existing project or competency with vanilla JS or pure JS and your development team wants to use along sideAngluar in a project then it is difficult at times. We found Angular is not so flexible due to use of TypeScirpt in its heart!

React Adoption Phase

When we adopt React,

  • Simplicity
    Our team doesn’t need to learn TypeScript so that was a joy moment for the development team.
  • Reusability
    React code components can be easily reused in multiple projects. This is a big gain to reduce development time
  • Debugging
    It's easy to debug React code over Angular so it helps developers to reach to the problem site faster
  • ReactJS for Web and React Native for Mobile
    Our team uses the advantage of ReactJS knowledge while working on React Native for native apps. This was not the clear case with Angular.

Vue.js Adoption Phase

We adopt Vue.js before 6 months from now and we found,

  • Radically Simple
    You get the power of empowered HTML as well as the code separation both in a single framework. The development team started working on Vue.js just in 2 days!
  • Integration
    Using Vue.js in an existing project or a new starting from scratch is the same. You just need to put Vue.js files and start using it the way you wish to!
    It doesn’t force you to change your coding habit, unlike other framework and libraries! It is the greatest thing a developer loves!
  • Reusability
    Vue.js components are the great way to implement the reusability! Either you develop your own components or there is a long list of already developed ready to use components available.
  • Combine with other JS
    We use Jquery a lot in many of our projects and combining Vue.JS with Jquery brings more familiarity in the code for the development team.

If you are looking for specifically a Vue.js developer or to hire a Javascript developer that can work on Angular and React then feel free to get in touch with us. We have a team of specialized developers that can turn your requirements into intangible products for you!