By Harshul Shah

If you are in product development or you are like us where you have many clients that are product based companies and we provide them our development and tech skills as services then you get a lot of time this question – SQL or No SQL

Often the question is MySQL or MongoDB!

So, let’s look at when you might want to choose which database and what are the differences.

This quick article should help you to choose SQL or No SQL database in your next web project or whatever your next project is.

How both the database system works?

SQL based MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

You write queries with the help of SQL (Structured query language).

RDBMS based database works on certain assumptions and requirements so you design your database by following normalization rules. Better the rules y...

Write once, run everywhere with React Native

By Harshul Shah

The challenge of maintaining 2 separate code bases for iOS and Android app is a well known overhead for any mobile app. This is the challenge very well addressed by React Native with a single code base that works well for both popular platforms. check out write once run everywhere works with React Native?

Development of Mobile applications is growing exponentially every year since every business needs an app either for their customers or for their own business operations to manage it efficiently.

The advantage of having a mobile app is well known. So, as the most common challenge of developing a mobile app for both iOS and Android platform is also well known. The challenge of maintaining 2 different code bases for respective platforms is a difficult job for every company owing a mobile app!

This is where React Native plays an important role to bring the power of “Write Once, Run Everywhere

Why we use Vue.js more than Angular and React?

By Harshul Shah

It is always difficult to compare popular frameworks in any technology because every framework offers Pros and Cons of its own. Being a service oriented company; Hire Mobile Developer offers the right choice of technology stack to their clients across the globe while developing mobile apps. Having said, that this article focuses on why we use Vue.js more over Angular and React. It will show a direct learning from our team on various projects in brief.

Product development is a fun when the right technology mixed with your idea. I help many of our clients to choose the right set of technologies while developing their product that can help them to progress faster and scale very well in future as their product grows.

In order to give the best advice to my clients, I set my team to be upgraded with all the latest technologies and use our years of experience before proposing the right options.

While Javascript is the great programming language, the current era of front-end frameworks has made it even more worthy than e...

Kotlin – A paradigm shift in android app development

By Purvi Talati

When Google announced Kotlin for Android Development officially, majority Android Developers felt great! Check it out why and how the new era has begun with Kotlin!

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for modern multi-platform applications!

Why should you turn your next project (or existing one) to Kotlin?
The simple answer is, Kotlin is Concise, Safe, Interoperable, Tool-friendly! We will discuss it in detail in this blog post!

Java – A step back
Java is the most widely used(most usable) language for Android development, but that doesn’t mean it is always the best choice. Java is old, verbose, error-prone. Kotlin is a worthy alternative. Google's primary IDE for Android has no language support oth...

How Mobile Application is useful for your business

By Purvi Talati

Technology has evolved exponentially over the last few years and the businesses that adopt new technology grows faster than their peers! The faster you know, better you can adopt the new verge of the curve! Mobile apps are not new however many businesses are still lagging behind so if you are one of them then let’s check it out how mobile apps can be profitable for your business.

In the current era of Smartphone’s technology, the mobile application is not what people want but it is what people need because majority of the people are holding smartphones and they expect everything on their phone. Of course, the smartphone users are continued to increase rapidly.

The current smartphone users base of 2.32 billion will reach to 2.87 billion by 2020 even if the smartphone penetration occurrs at the same pace. Needless to mention, the penetration will be even faster so this number should be surpassed much earlier than 2020!

Progressive Web Apps – The Future

By Purvi Talati

Google’s Progressive Web Apps are blurring the lines between apps and the mobile web! Combine the power of web and apps to please your customers with quicker development turn around time! Get a quick idea about what is Progressive Web Apps!

Pre Era

Technology is ever-changing and that leads businesses to evolve their use of technology at the same pace in order to outsmart their competitors in their respective business domain.

Since 2000 web development technologies have shifted from static to dynamic with the help of PHP, .NET, Java, client-side tools, and responsive web designs. However, with the launch of iPhone in 2007, the paradigm shifted to native apps and the whole app economy begun which has already experienced multi-fold exponential growth.

Native apps opened up a direct channel to reach consumers and it has quickly grown into one of the most powerful cha...

Freelancer Vs. Dedicated Developer : What works best?

By Harshul Shah

If you are a software consultant or own a development company or have an app idea or need a tech solution for your business so you start looking out for the various options. This is where you will surely come across to the option of hiring a freelancer or a dedicated developer from an established app development company.

This post is aiming to help you decide what works best for you! It will help you to take the right decision.

Deciding a freelancer or a dedicated developer is not same as shopping a product from Amazon where you browse different suppliers of the same or similar products where you look out to the terms & conditions, pricing, discount, ratings and just order it!

There are different phases of app development starting from concept building, wireframing, prototyping, designing, development, testing, launching and post launch push & basic maintenance. It solely depends upon the requirements of your app development that decides what is ...

How a mobile app can be helpful for my business?

By Purvi Talati

Businesses run on an edge in these highly competitive world. Every business finds different ways to be better than their competitors in order to build their brand and keep their business profitable. Mobile apps are one of the most effective ways found by many businesses and that helps them to be superior to their competitors.

Technology helps businesses to empower their customers and refine their processes. Mobile apps has transform the working of every size & type of business completely.

A business that has adopted the latest technology in the last decade are more successful than their peer in every industry. If you are lagging behind in technology adoption and mobile apps then you are simply on a losing side.

Hire Mobile Developer has helped numerous businesses to gain on technology front by providing their technical expertise. We have delivered more than 100 mo...

Android Instant App – Run Apps Quickly Without Installation

By Purvi Talati

Google takes a new approach to native apps with Instant Apps for Android

Android's Instant Apps, one of the biggest surprises which Google announced at its I/O developer conference last year. These new kinds of apps are meant to help bridge the gap between web apps and native apps.

Instant Apps allow you to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone without requiring you to install it from the Play Store. This will not only save users time and effort, but they’ll also allow companies to let people demo what’s essentially a full version of their app before installing it

How to hire a right app developer?

By Harshul Shah

App development is not so unique service so you will end up with getting a large number of freelancers, companies and big boys that can offer you so called the best services! So, how do you ensure you are hiring the right company or a freelancer? This article will help you to take a correct decision with a clear formula and score.

To be clear, hiring a right freelancer or app development company is not a very simple task like finding a carpenter. It's not as hard as you may think and this article is to help you pick the right developer instead of focusing only on price or quality and missing other more important factors!

A Quick Real Scenario:...