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Samsung will launch its first Foldable Smarthphone in the beginning of next year

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Samsung is always playing with smartphone displays. First Galaxy Note Edge wrapped its display around one side, while another the Galaxy S6 Edge opted for two sides, Then now Samsung may just let you curve the screen however you want.

After Apple debuted its new 3D Touch display technology with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, all eyes are on Samsung's upcoming release. A new report by a blogger on Chinese social network Weibo has wrote out a few details about Samsung's upcoming foldable touchscreen smartphone.

The smartphone is being developed under the name "Project Valley or Project V" and will be ready for production by January next year.

On the hardware part, Display will be flexible OLED, so that device can achieve foldable LED displays yet. Samsung is now testing the phone with two chipsets, Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 620. Foldable Device have 3GB RAM, non-removable battery and microSD card for storage expansion.

Moreover, getting these Foldable technologies, Google ...

Points to Consider for Successful iPhone App Design

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Building an app is like building a house. Before to start the building, you need to put time into thinking about what the rooms are going to look like.

iPhone apps are difficult to design and develop perfectly.

It is very necessary to examine closely both the design and the functionality of your services or product. Your design needs to be coherent and stunning.

So, here is a check-list that could assist iphone app developers to design applications in proper manner:

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Why should you hire a dedicated Mobile App Developer?

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From last several years, companies and individuals realized the benefits of offshoring.

Hiring Dedicated Developers reduce the financial necessities compared to cost of maintaining full-time in-house employee. You can hire a team of skilled and experienced and dedicated professionals that work here in our offshore development center, that work exclusively on your project.

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Developer:

  • Get an expert resource
  • No infrastructure cost
  • Full time dedicated resource
  • No human resource issues
  • Manage resource directly
  • Established overseas presence
  • No hourly charges
  • Data security
  • Save overhead costs
  • Daily reporting on project status
Available Dedicated Skills:

Android Marshmallow - The best features it offers

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Google's latest version of Android 'Marshmallow' will going to make Android able to do a lot more improvements for you and it will be widely available in next week.

These are the features which we're most excited for in the new release of Android.

Google Now on Tap - 'Contextual Assistance'

The most standout feature of Marshmallow is that shows extra information on almost anything instantly. When inside an app, you press and hold the home button. Google Now on Tap reads the screen and gives information for anything interesting like name of a celebrity or a location of movie details in the form of a pop up window at the bottom of the screen.


Android 6.0 will be concerned with battery life. Using a combination of hardware sensors and software tweaks, phones and tablets running Marshmallow will know when they've been sitting idle for a period of time, and they will disable some background processes to increase battery life with giving notifica...

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: all the key features you should know

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The latest generation of Android will follow along nicely with the sweet-flavoured names of the past versions, this time dubbed Marshmallow.

As Google has announced about Android Marshmallow update, it is all set to debut next week on Google's Nexus Smartphone, and is soon expected to roll out to other Android Smartphone too. Motorola has become the 1st manufacturer to announce its plans for the update rollout.

Google has already revealed everything about Marshmallow but there’s still plenty to uncover features inside Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Let’s check it out:

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